Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching is a collaborative relationship between myself and those seeking individual spiritual support/guidance/assistance, self-healing, trauma healing, growth and transformation.

Each coaching plan is unique and suited to your individual goals and needs on your journey towards spiritual transformation and/or healing.

Spiritual is another word for energetic, so any spiritual work is essentially energy work – work on and within your own self.

Blockages to Your True You

The goal is aligning with your authentic self by removing all blockages from your current energy, in other words by removing the aspects we harbour as an external personality but essentially do not align with internally. These include hurt, pain and suppressed emotions because of difficult life situations and/or occurrences in the past that we did not consciously process.

Unprocessed events, especially emotionally charged ones become blocks in our energy bodies. This is a form of conscious inner processes that due to their uncomfortable nature we subconsciously push into the unconscious state of mind. Being unaware that the unconscious mind is just as much whom we are as the conscious, we fail to realize that unconscious blocks manifest in one way or another in our behaviour and/or physical body.

Unconscious blockages are the building blocks of what some of us know as the ‘shadow self’ – unaccepted and unacknowledged parts of our being that inevitably take a life of their own through us if we do not pay (conscious) attention to its manifestation in our behaviour.

Blockages manifest and exist in many forms such as:

  • negative state of mind
  • addictions
  • limiting beliefs that take away from our experience of life
  • inability and discomfort in being emotionally open
  • lack of empathy or too much empathy
  • self-sacrificial behaviour
  • lack of boundaries, inability to set boundaries
  • residue of past traumas in the body/mind
  • anxiety, insistent worrying
  • panic attacks
  • pains/aches and ailments that fail to be medically diagnosed and explained
  • pains/aches and ailments that resist medical approaches
  • inability and fear to be honest, open and vulnerable
  • lack of self-confidence and self-worth
  • trust issues
  • fear of being alone, spirit of loneliness

The road to aligning with your true self is not exactly comfortable as it requires to strip away all aspects that are not you, traumas and the past in general which need to be consciously faced and acknowledged before they can be dissolved from your being. Facing suppressed pain and painful experiences is not easy, otherwise they would not have been suppressed in the first place. However, this is an essential first step towards aligning with your True Self.

Coaching Interaction & Sessions

The coaching relationship is one of equals and collaboration. Each coaching plan is fit to suit your individual needs and goals. My part is to assess, plan and direct you towards your goals whilst your part is to be willing to complete the set plan and the given directions and/or tasks.

Usually post assessment I create an individual, unique plan tailored just for you. This plan is based upon the initial consultation alongside your personal transformation and/or healing goals. The initial plan includes one follow-up session, the plan of course you keep and continue in your own time.

It is possible to also book single individual follow-up sessions outside of the initial plan + follow up package, as many as you need via email.

Essentially, through this relationship we learn, grow, heal, and transform together.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a serious step towards permanent transformation that guarantees external change. External changes inevitably follows inner work. For this reason, you must objectively assess whether or not you’re ready for the changes that will unfold. Firstly, you must be willing to initiate the necessary actions required for inner change.

The coaching relationship is carried out via WhatsApp interactions and Zoom sessions.