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writer, natural intuitive healer, and spiritual life coach


I began my ascension and healing journey a few years ago which began by addressing underlying anxiety, panic attacks and unexplainable anger. Digging deep into these life challenging feelings I began questioning life, who I truly am and why I am here.

4 years later I have unlocked and utilised my intuitive and healing abilities. After completing a couple of healing and guidance courses I have been working with those seeking insight and healing both in person and in distance. I am continuing my own learning and healing and am always grateful and open to learn and heal with and by others. After all, we are all parts of One Whole!

Energy Awareness = Awareness of Self

Back when my view on the world was small I used to perceive everything personally and found myself intimidated by my own feelings, emotions and sometimes behaviours. I had 0 awareness about energy! Life was rough, more so it felt rough.

I became aware of energy when I had no option but to literally face the feelings inside me I could not consciously understand as all medical treatments, professional opinions and scans failed to provide me with answers. No mention of solutions either and yet my body was constantly ‘sick’.

Inner feelings as it turns out are simply energy my brain stopped me from processing upon its reception. With objective reflection I noticed how my brain was programmed into constant ‘doing’ rather than being. Naturally, when I sat down and stopped doing I got acquainted with what it is like to simply ‘be’. In the beginning this process forced me to face unresolved feelings by sitting down, doing literally nothing and directing all of my attention to the turmoil inside (beyond uncomfortable to say the least). What I noticed occurring inside of me cannot be described by words. The best way I can put it is that I could literally feel the unresolved and very real turmoil begin to dissolve. All I ‘did’ was focused all of my attention inside of my body and allowed myself to feel what was going on. To feel the discomfort that at the time existing in several places of my body. I allowed myself to simply be, with all the discomfort without running away from it by doing something.

The results? After several repetitions of the above process all of my physical symptoms, all forms of sickness disappeared. This was followed by almost instant change in my empathy level towards self and others. A whole new perspective and appreciation of and for life opened up inside of me and I could see and feel this perspective outside of myself too. I started to see that I am not different at all to everybody around me.

What I just described is commonly known as meditation – silent meditation specifically. This type of meditation, although uncomfortable beyond description especially in the beginning allows us to metabolise all the blocked (un-metabolised) energy residing within. Doing so restores a natural flow in the body. Only through this process could I begin to heal myself, to know myself, to begin to see myself in others and others in myself.

We really are all the same on the inside. At our core we are energetic beings whom are created to instinctually process and metabolise energy constantly. However, we are never taught about our true nature, we are not rewarded for being authentic in fact we are indirectly taught to wear masks. Taught to pretend and deny our inner realities. This type of ‘living’ programmes the brain to block the natural flow of life, the flow of life experience.

We do not necessarily need to understand energy, we simply need to give ourselves the time and space to understand ourselves, to give the body the attention it demands, to let energy flow. We need to learn the art of being by detaching from constant cyclical doing.

When we begin doing this, detaching from doing, we are faced with the challenge of metabolizing all the blocks we have created and harboured by living unaware thus far. We metabolize by feeling the very real discomfort inside we pretend is not there. All we need is willingness to pay attention, willingness to feel what we were not allowed to or did not allow ourselves to feel in life thus far. Doing this leads to a rebirth, to alignment, to energy flow! It allows us to experience true joy, bliss and inner peace.

The process described above, applied though meditation is a form of direct energy restoration – healing. Another form of direct energy restoration is working with specific chakras. In actuality chakras constantly get imbalanced in every day life and dealings with others. The initial clearings from specific chakras were heavy, painful and time-consuming. Since the big clear outs, mainly to maintain inner balance, I ensure to do some work on them at least once a day.

Indirect energy restoration can be achieved through several ways such as guided meditation (although still closer to direct healing), art (creating), talking openly/sharing, physical activity, frequency healing, self-reflection exercises, journaling and many more. It is important to note that not everybody can process and heal on their own and that is completely normal. In fact it is most common to process in several ways, often with the company of another or a group of people in whom you trust.

We all deserve to be balanced, healthy, joyous & we should not feel confined to any past experiences, emotions or versions of self!

Basics of Energy & Our Relationship With & To It

Each of us is an energy field. Our physical body is a manifestation of our energy field meaning all aspects of our physicality are a direct reflection of our inner state of being

In essence, at the core level of existence we are energetic beings. As human beings we are involved in a continuous process of receiving, perceiving and processing of energy. This energy flows through us via blood (it’s conductor) as chi.

Our subtle bodies and the energy centers that reside within them are responsible for energetic processes. Being subtle, those bodies are not physical because they exist on interdimensional levels. Although they cannot be seen by our eyes, they can and are felt by us. In fact, those invisible subtle bodies make up our physical body, they are held together by the physical body and express themselves through the physical body. Blockages in our subtle (energy) bodies manifest as ailments and dis-eases in the physical body.

Unfortunately by living with the idea that we are nothing but our physical bodies, assuming that ultimate reality is our material physical world we block our energy flow in all sorts of ways. We deny our own experience and large parts of our true selves to ‘fit in’ in this literally insane world. A world where it is normal to suffer enormously inside whilst pretending you’re not suffering and nobody around you is either.

True joy and bliss are our natural states of being. However, we may be immune to that truth and dismiss it for most of us are harbouring past traumas, events and unprocessed emotions as blocks in our interdimensional bodies. Emotions after all are energy in motion and when suppressed, repressed and unexpressed, they become like dirt swept under the carpet. The more we sweep under the carpet the more the pile builds and eventually pent up and suppressed energy takes a toll on the physical body. Blocked energy flow poisons our human experience from the inside out, misaligns our energy bodies and usually manifests as pain, disease, and other ailments.

Healing Practice

I work as part of a team in a wellbeing centre in The Netherlands. Due to the current world situation I am offering spiritual guidance, distance healing sessions as well as life coaching plans and sessions online. Depending on the type of guidance you may seek as a client, the healing and/or coaching relationship session length is discussed and agreed upon after the free consultation.

With regards to energy healing via distance it is important for clients to note that space and time only exist in the third dimension. Therefore energy work is transmitted directly from one energy field of a person to another instantly outside the binds of space and time with the use of intention and attention.

Approach to Healing

There are many ways in which energy can be identified, restored and released. Having mastered locating my own blocks and learning to live in ways that avoid creating them I feel called to assisting others in doing so too! This involves mainly my intuition alongside my studies of energy both within and outside the human body.

Healing begins by first locating and then taking appropriate steps to restore blocked energy within the body. The source of the block(s) is also an important factor to become aware of.

Blocks can lay in any one or more of the energy body levels/chakras and affect us in various ways. This is the reason the locating aspect of the restoration journey is usually the most difficult one, but as always the beginning is always the hardest task – the rest simply flows.

It is beautifully shocking to experience how awareness and directed attention does most of the restoration work for us!

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