all consultations with me are free

I have a genuine pull towards helping others and sharing ways in healing – restoring the blockages we as humans carry, affirm by behaviour and run away from mentally. As long as you’re open to and seeking healing!

Restoring energy flow and learning how to simply be, to ascend in awareness and align with our purpose brings indescribable rewards of peace, joy and pure bliss. These inner gifts arise for no material reason while aligning with our purpose naturally brings in material abundance.

If the information on this website is not sufficient in assisting you to locate the where and why behind your manifested symptoms (mental, emotional and physical)/disease/ailments that hold you back please feel free to contact me at:


+353 89 4769954 (WhatsApp)

with your symptoms for a free consultation on possible approach(es) to restoring your energy flow, to healing, ascending and aligning with your True Self!

Note: Alignment with my Higher Self has allowed me to see myself in All, and All in myself – leaving absolutely no room for judgment. So if you feel guided to reach out, trust your intuition and do so!


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