The Chakras: Basic Overview

Translated from Sanskrit the word chakra refers to a wheel/the motion of turning. The main 1 – 7 energy centres exist in each human body.

The 7 main chakras are the blueprint for all of our energy bodies and which manifest as and through our physical body.

Through these 7 chakras prana (chi/life force energy) fuels our living experience. It does this in several ways – the main one being breath.

We inhale prana as energy which is received, perceived & transmuted through our chakras, experienced by our physical body as emotions. (E)motions being energy in motion. These chakras are in constant motion, spinning like a lotus flower shaped sphere. Energy is vibrational, energy in essence is vibrations. Each chakra possesses its own colour and energetic vibrational frequency.

Essentially, chakras are directly responsible for our psychological and physical state of being as well as our state of consciousness/awareness of ourselves and those around us. At the very core, every thing, including human beings are energy and because chakras are solely responsible for the processing of energy – understanding them, and energy it self is essential for a clear, balanced, stable and fulfilling life – for a healthy life.

Without restoring damage and blockages our chakras have encountered & harbour – we hinder and block our prana flow. When this happens we can not attain an optimum state of health which inevitably determines the way we experience and relate to ourselves and life.

The chakras are aligned on each human spine beginning from the tail bone and ending at the top of the head.

1. ROOT Chakra – RED – Survival/Security

· 1st Aura Layer – “The Etheric body”

· Seed Mantra: LAM

Responsible for: foundation & feeling of being grounded, nourishment, stability, security, basic needs, ability to stand up for oneself, security issues, controls fight/flight response

Location: Base of spine/tailbone area (encompasses first three vertebrae)

Associated Organs: colon, bladder, legs, feet, bones, large intestine & adrenal glands

Imbalance symptoms: Anxiety (fear-based thinking & behaviour, fight/flight response), lower back pain, constant bowel movements, feet/leg problems, impotence, constipation, money/material security fears

When Open: We feel safe & fearless

Blocked by: fear (expressed as comfort-seeking, seeking control of self, external circumstances and others), security/abandonment issues (manifests as codependency which is a form of comfort seeking), material attachments

2. SACRAL Chakra – ORANGE – Personal Pleasure/Attitude Towards Life

· 2nd Aura Layer “Emotional body”

· Seed Mantra: VAM

Responsible for: creativity centre, connection to & ability to accept others & new experiences, the right to feel, desire, pleasure, sexuality

Location: Lower Abdomen, approx. 2 inches below navel

Associated Organs: kidneys, bladders, circulatory system, reproductive organs & glands

Imbalance Symptoms: cramp-like pains/aches, lower back pain, bloating, creative blockage, sexual/reproductive issues, urinary/kidney issues, fear of betrayal, inability to express emotions & desires

When Open: we feel a sense of abundance, well-being, creative expression flows

Blocked by: blaming ourselves for our actions/emotions we experience, guilt, denying & suppressing emotions

3. SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – YELLOW – Seat of the Ego

· 3rd Aura Layer “Mental body”

· Seed Mantra: RAM

Responsible for: mental activities, ability to be confident & in control, self-esteem & clarity of judgment

Location: Upper Abdomen/Stomach Area, from navel to breastbone

Associated Organs: digestive system, muscles, pancreas & adrenals

Imbalance Symptoms: digestive issues (inc. pancreas &gallbladder), relentless inner critic syndrome, chronic fatigue, fear of rejection

When Open: we feel worthy & confident

Blocked by: shame, lack of self-acceptance (automatically lack of acceptance of others), judging self & others, shame, cynicism, lack of self-worth, lack of faith

4. HEART Chakra – GREEN – Seat of the Higher Self, of Oneness

· 4th Aura Layer “Astral body”

· Seed Mantra: YAM

Responsible for: ability to love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, truth and honesty

Location: centre of chest just above the heart

Associated Organs: the heart, lungs, arms, hands, breasts, thymus gland, rules lymphatic system

Imbalance Symptoms: asthma, arm/hand issues, fear of being alone, bitterness/jealousy/suffocation, heart problems, lung problems

When Open: we feel love, joy, inner peace

Blocked by: not understanding love, not being king to self or others, experiences that caused deep sadness & bitterness, not forgiving self and/or others

5. THROAT Chakra – BLUE – Expression, Truth, Clarity

· 5th Aura Layer “Etheric Template/Double Archetypal body”

· Seed Mantra: HAM

Responsible for: ability to trust & communicate, loyalty, organisation & planning, faith & comprehension

Location: throat area

Associated Organs: overall neck area, thyroid & parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, tounge

Imbalance Symptoms: sore throat, hoarseness, jaw tightness & pressure, shoulder/neck issues, issues expressing self, fear of being out of control, thyroid issues, ear infections/pain

When Open: we are capable of openly expressing our feelings and the truth

Blocked by: lying, deceiving, attacking, holding in true emotions & feelings

6. THIRD/SPIRITUAL EYE Chakra – INDIGO – Intuition, Understanding of Word/Life

· 6th Aura Layer “Celestial/Monad body”

· Seed Mantra: OM

Responsible for: ability to focus on & see the bigger picture, centre of intuition, releasing hidden & repressed negative thoughts, wisdom & imagination

Location: forehead, between eyebrows

Associated Organs: sinuses, eyes, temples

Imbalance Symptoms: pressure in forehead/temples, sinus issues, blurred vision/eye strain, moodiness, stubborness

When Open: make decisions based on intuition without hesitation battles between ego & higher self, ability to see bigger picture as seemingly separately discovered & learned information starts to merge into connected wholes, ability to perceive energy/energetic vibrations in external environment

Blocked by: delusion, belief in illusions, perceiving & behaving from a lens of separation (bad vs good, god vs devil, light vs dark), negative thought-patterns, rejecting reality of oneness, ignoring intuitive messages

7. CROWN Chakra – VIOLET – Connection to Divine, Cosmic Consciousness

· 7th Aura Layer “Ketheric/Causal body”

· Seed Mantra: AH

Responsible for: enlightenment, spiritual (energetic) comprehension of self thus others thus all as One, connection to our Higher Self, key to our Divine Nature/ enlightenment. Seat of Christ consciousness

Location: front area of top of head

Associated Organs: cerebral cortex, central nervous system, pituitary gland

Imbalance symptoms: headaches, hair loss, hair breakage/damage/weakness, rigid thoughts, analysis paralysis/overthinking, fear of alieniation

Directly linked to inner & outer beauty, our connection to & relationship with spirituality/energy, pure bliss

When open: Alignment with Higher Self, Higher Purpose, operating at state of expanded/higher consciousness/awareness, sense of enlightenment, inner sense of peace, joy, bliss, Oneness with All

Blocked by: being grounded in 3rd dimensional realm by materialism or beliefs, ignoring Higher Self/denying Higher Self (our soul and its urges), lack of connection to & understanding of spirituality (energy).

Long Term Imbalances and Blocks

When emotions do not metabolise through our chakras effectively, the energy that was in motion gets trapped and forms as a block in the chakra it was denied (consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously) to process through.

Each suppression inevitably leads to blockage meaning energy will not be able to flow freely through that energy centre (chakra). This eventually leads to an imbalanced state, ailments and eventually disease and/or illness.

We tend to express chakra imbalances through ‘emotional’ outbursts, ironically because of previously trapped energy which was emotion, which is now blocking a clear flow state for current (e)motions to be perceived clearly and processed.

Chakras become blocked due to exposure to stress, emotional challenges, experiences & traumas, physical experiences & accidents but mainly to us sweeping them under the rug per say when we encounter uncomfortable energy both inside and out side of us.

When one chakra is imbalanced/blocked it compensates energetically from its neighboring chakras – eventually leaving us completely misaligned, our energy unable to flow & metabolize freely – leaving us (e)motionally unstable. Prana energy is blocked, disrupted and becomes jerky, uneasy. A lack of ease of energy within our bodies leads to dis-ease in our physical body.

Correcting/metabolising a blockage in one centre is a step towards alignment, towards ease.

Clearing Blocks

Metabolisation of suppressed and hidden energy occurs when we address the blockages within. This can be done drawing attention inward, to our senses and inner states. By surrendering to what is happening inside of us without judgment or escapism regardless of the level of discomfort this first brings. By seeking somebody we trust to process unprocessed hidden parts of our inner states and by putting the intention to release unprocessed energy.

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