Services Offered

Guidance Sessions

Once-Off Sessions – All €65

initial consultation and discussion prior to a coaching relationship is FREE!

60 minute Intuitive/Psychic Guidance

60 minute Blocks to Mindfulness Session

60 minute Shadow Self (unaware Self) Identification Session

60 minute Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Session

60 minute Wound Identification Session

60 minute Self-Love & Care Guidance

60 minute Self-Respect & Boundaries Setting

60 minute Fear & Anxiety Management

60 minute Self-Acceptance Management

60 minute Purpose Discovery Session

Reports for Self-Awareness

Astrology Report – €45

To receive an astrology report please email me with your date of birth, location of birth and time of birth

What’s included?

  • personality outline
  • innate strengths
  • innate weak points
  • innate talents
  • outline of masculine/feminine energy balance, which one to nurture & how
  • aspects to be developed in this life
  • lessons to be learned in this life
  • outline of purpose direction

Numerology Report – €30

To receive a numerology report please email me with your date of birth and full name given at birth

What’s included?

  • life path (destiny) number explanation and evaluation
  • outline of innate talents and skills
  • outline of innate abilities
  • challenges to overcome in this life
  • karmic debts carried from past lives
  • karmic lessons to be learned

Tailored Plan of Action Package

Individual Plan & Follow Up Session€95

Most common approaches to this option:

Transformation Focused:

  • Spiritual Journey into Self Coaching
  • Shadow Work Coaching
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching
  • Relationship Management Coaching
  • Self-Acceptance Coaching
  • Self-Reflection & Self-Assessment Coaching
  • Meditation Practice Coaching
  • Change Management Coaching

Healing Focused:

  • Childhood Wound Healing
  • Overcoming Trauma Coaching
  • Self-Healing Coaching
  • Anxiety & Panic Attack Management Coaching
  • Break-Up Management & Healing

Prior to consulting via email please choose one of the following Approaches that you feel most drawn to. Your intuition will guide you to exactly what you need. Please include a general description to your current situation, the type of approach you feel guided towards and where you would like to be as a result of it.
e-mail to

Students €75

Extra Follow-Up Sessions

Some clients require more than one follow-up session whilst working on their individual self-transformation/healing plan.
Each follow-up session lasts around 60 minutes. Such sessions are dedicated to exploring progress of the set plan, its effects on the inner and outer self as well as identifying and outlining the next steps of your journey to you.

60 minute follow-up session €55

Students €40

Thank you!

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