Aligning with your True Self

expanding our awareness is a direct spiritual path to alignment with unity & purpose



Consciousness put simply refers to one’s awareness of internal and external existence. Consciousness is also how we respond to our internal and external existence with awareness.

The word consciousness has been debated by philosophers and scientists alike for hundreds of years without having agreed upon one definition. The only clarity that has been gained is that consciousness cannot be defined nor fully comprehended by the human mind. This is the reason it has been related mostly to what we also have failed to conceptualise as God – The Creator, Source, Universal Energy both within and outside of us.

In essence consciousness is awareness. Awareness determines what we recognize in ourselves, those around us and the world outside of us. It also determines how we respond both to internal processes and the outside world including everything and everybody in it.

Highway to Expansion

By consciously directing our energy inward using attention we naturally ascend in consciousness

First and foremost they key is to become aware of our inner selves – our motivations, beliefs, intentions, comfort/discomfort zones, triggers etc. In other words, becoming aware of the underlying causes of our behaviours, treatment of those around us and the way we relate to the outside world. We do this by directing attention to our intentions, emotions and thoughts before we act. These lead to insight of our inner self.

By becoming aware of our inner self we naturally become more aware of the outside world we share with others and every body in it.

Conscious | Subconscious | Unconscious

Each human being, as science has explained operates consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. These three aspects make up the fundamental function of the human mind.

If you were to imagine conscious awareness to be white, subconscious to be grey and unconscious to be black – expanding in conscious awareness acts like shedding white light upon both the subconscious (grey) and unconscious (black) aspects of our minds.

This naturally reduces unawareness within which leads to transformation of awareness of our true inner selves, those around us and the outside world.

Awareness Expansion is Our Purpose

Expanding our consciousness is a fundamental reason for our existence which provides limitless rewards like peace, joy, bliss and love for all.

It provides limitless understanding, deep empathy, true resonance with life – a sense of oneness. It aligns us with the higher power and a life of working with it consciously rather than subconsciously and unconsciously against it.

Expansion of our awareness is essential to our souls evolution. It allows us to become aware of our individual and collective purpose.

your only real journey in this life is YOU! all we truly lack and feel incomplete without is our own, True Self.


Healing is a word used so commonly and yet completely lost in meaning. To heal means to restore.

Healing is a process of becoming aware, acknowledging and paying the attention required to disrupted aspects of our True Selves. It is concerned with restoring disruption encountered in life thus far. Such disruptions are physical | emotional | mental, usually mixed together to some extent. Disruptions act as energetic blocks which store within the body. They stop the natural flow of Universal energy and take away from the quality and experience of life, from our natural self-expression.

Why We Suffer

We all ‘know’ our traumas, our sources of pain, our comforts and discomforts, how our family history and relationship experiences have affected us. However the truth is for the most part, due to the nature of the world we share we have become unaware of the effects of our discomforts and traumas. How they separated us from our own truth and authenticity. How they shaped our inner functioning, how they blocked us and perverted our Authentic – True Selves since childhood.

What and whom we are today is a result of the experiences and perversions projected onto us from the beginning of our life experience.

Due to the depth of the pain such perversions caused within we have actually forgotten the true reasons for our behaviour, addictions, depressing states and lack of understanding of self. We forgot what exactly caused such a lack of understanding of ourselves, such confusion.

We are aware we feel lack, we feel emptiness but we forgot why. We have become unaware that we suffer because we lack our authentic, true self and the expression of.

Forgotten Loss of Self

Separating from our authentic expression caused a loss of Self. The loss of self-awareness followed naturally.

Causes of self-loss during childhood are uncomfortable, traumatic and usually not allowed to be fully felt or expressed. For this reason the emotions the loss caused were pushed into our unconscious mind, into the shadows of the brain.

The unprocessed emotions are still part of us, very much so but we have become unaware of them. We ‘forgot’ them and yet we are a living breathing product of our own unconscious, unprocessed material at the same time.

ReAligning with our True Self

Most of the reason we suffer is because we are unaware why we suffer. The roots of sufferings lay hidden from our conscious self. This happened as a means of protection so we could continue this life as sane as possible.

With the above in mind, awareness and the expansion of it, the extension of it into the dark uncomfortable shadow realm of the unconscious mind is our only true way to heal. To restore. To align again with the authentic true self we were born to be. To express.

However, a time comes when the soul wants to be expressed through our persona. This is when the wall between conscious and unconscious mind becomes an issue that needs to be dissolved. The building blocks of the wall need to be located, acknowledged and released. This process leads to restoration – to healing.

For this reason, awareness of ourselves is our only saviour!

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